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America Smiles will bring oral health care to the children living in areas of the United States where access is limited or unavailable.

What is America Smiles?
America Smiles is an organization that will organize, fund, and facilitate the 9,000 dental students from the 57 dental schools in the United States, who need clinical experience, to treat and educate those Americans, primarily children, living in areas with inadequate access to oral health care.
05/01/10 America Smiles wins first place and audience selection prize at NYU Stern Entrepreneur's Challenge

04/16/10 America Smiles select as a finalist in NYU Stern Entrepreneur's Challenge
Why does America need us?
According to US Public Health Service, there are 4,230 areas in the United States where access to Dental Health professionals is inadequate, with 49 million Americans living in these shortage areas.

America Smiles will bring a program to provide care that is sustainable, measurable, accessible, and free.
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